Climate Change Ate My Homework

Well, it seems like I haven’t been posting as much for a few days…

My excuse..  Climate Change.

They are telling me that Climate Change dumped a snow drift across my driveway and walk…  I spent two grueling sessions this past weekend shoveling it out..

Now I know…   They blame a lot on Climate Change, but I believe it in this case…

All I have to do is think back a few months….  It was warm, things growing and not a lick of snow in sight..

And then just like that… WHAM Climate change hits my driveway.

Now a lot of people are concerned about this… They want the climate change to stop!     I say… be careful for what you ask…   for instance if the climate stops changing right now… I’ll be shoveling out snow for the rest of my life…

Lets let cool heads prevail and wait until it warms up a bit before we stop the climate from changing.


Now I’ve noticed it was 30 degrees warmer today than yesterday.. and things are starting to melt… but if this trend is left unchecked it will be several hundred degrees warmer by the end of the week!

So lets sit back for a day or so and it should get up into  the 70’s and then lets call a stop to climate change.

Now I know you are saying I am over simplifying things… but everyone knows that human kind has the ability to stop climate change.

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