I had a Conversation with the man in the mirror…  He basically said he doesn’t see things my way..

Like just the opposite.

Sure, we agreed on whats up and down with the world… but when it came to matters of the left and the right.. no way, opposite sides…

I said to him, “Surely you are an extremely handsom man… but your constant mimicking of people that see you can get old fast..”

He said, “look.. its as if I’m behind a glass wall…  I hold up my hand and you wave back…. I step forward and you step forward.. I step back and you step back.. like a dance…  but if I reach out to shake your hand…  could you do it?”

He was wearing a t-shirt with a message on it, but it looked like gibberish to me… when I pointed that out to him he just said “You should talk!”

I dont’ know… I just turned and walked away…  out of the corner of my eye I could see him marching away…

I haven’t seen him since, but I know.. like clockwork he’ll show up again just when I’m trying to shave…

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