How Much Water Do You Really Need To Drink?

A well-known myth says you should drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day to be healthy. But is there any scientific evidence behind this rule? Here’s what the research says.

Source: How Much Water Do You Really Need To Drink?

I read the linked article because I saw it in google news and it looked like it would answer a question that’s been on my mind lately.

At first I was disappointed in the article because it doesn’t really answer the question…  There is no set number of glasses of water to drink per day.   If you reflect on what the article says though, they have a reason…

The amount of water you take in each day is not just the water you drink out of a glass, but also all the water in the food you eat.   Your body uses the water from both sources..

Where it is easy to count glasses of water/coffee/tea etc… It’s hard to count how much water you’re getting from food.

So in the end, it comes down to two things…   Are you thirsty? Then drink.   And also… forgive me for being blunt… is your urine pale enough…


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