How to say Jehovah

Nehemia Gordon is a biblical scholar and has said based on the Alepo Codex he has determined that God’s personal name is pronounced “Yehovah”  emphasis on the “ah”..

Which is interesting because a common understanding of how to pronounce God’s name is Jehovah…

We know from linguistics that the initial “J” sound has in the past, and also in some modern languages been pronounced with a “Y” sound.   So “Jehovah”,… pronounced correctly has been right all along…

Note though that other ancient Hebrew experts have said that the “v” consonant in “Yehovah”  was pronounced with a “w” sound.. (Linguistically those two letters also flip back and forth)…    so it is probable that God’s name was originally pronounced “Yehowah”…   Nehemia has granted that may be the case.


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