Inspired by Rachael Ray Chicken Francese

Similar to Piccata, but little differences make this chicken dinner stand on its own

Source: Chicken Francese


When I got home tonight my wife said, “We’re making Chicken French for dinner.”     My thought was… uh… not really interested in a complicated recipe tonight…

But she said it’s simple… look on Rachael Ray’s site.

And so it was…    Take a look at the link…   I watched the video and did not bother with the measurements… they didn’t…    Just do the following:

Put some olive oil in a pan and heat it up…

Prepare two chicken breasts… Either pound them thin, or do as we do… we just buy thin sliced chicken breast.

Now things are going to go fast so have everything ready to go before you start…

Rinse the chicken…  dredge it in flour… coat it in beaten egg… throw in the pan…

What you are hoping for is for the egg to puff up a bit and get a  little golden brown..

Now quickly, squeeze in half a lemon…    Pour in some chicken stock, and white wine…    proportions are up to you… grate on some lemon zest… throw in some minced garlic…    put  some butter in..

Make sure you have enough liquid in the pan to now fully cook the chicken… we put a lid on the pan to keep in the heat… within minutes the chicken was at 165 degrees…   Done!

And for our first attempt at Chicken French… it tasted great!   The chicken cooked perfectly — the only thing we’d do differently is be sure to use Pinot Grigio next time… the random wine we used this time was a bit too dry.


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