Is there a Biologist in the House?

You hear things in popular media about DNA – the blueprint of life.

But everything I’ve read about DNA says that it “codes for proteins”.. I’ll say it another way. DNA strands are molecules made up of combinations of four nucleotides. The patterns of nucleotides determine what proteins can be made. There is a process in the cell that reads the DNA and produces the proteins needed for the cell. The proteins themselves are molecules that fold in specific ways in order to proved their specific function.

The whole thing together can be considered a programmed molecular machine for making specific proteins. An interesting thing is the proteins themselves are used to make molecular machines that are needed for the functioning of cells, including the machinery needed for protein production.

Ok… cells, the human body, need specific proteins to construct things and to function.

But there is a big leap going on there between making proteins, and being a blueprint for life. Let’s use a house analogy. The proteins are analogous to the materials needed to make the house: lumber, nails, plaster, etc. and any machinery needed for the operation of the house. And while an architect will call out specific materials, a blue print is mainly the plan/design for how all the materials and machinery should be put together to make a house.

That is not found in DNA as far as I know. DNA certainly influences how cells are constructed, and influences how organisms are put together, but there are other things involved in making functioning cells and organisms that are not specified by DNA coding.

So here comes the big biology question: What is that? And if DNA is a part of a bigger mechanism for making organisms, why is so much emphasis put on DNA mutation when it comes to evolution and natural selection?

As far as I can tell, birds with wings and feathers did not evolved from reptiles without wings and feathers by some DNA glitch. I’m sure different proteins are needed to make things like feathers, but where does the plan for a wing with feathers reside?

Now to be transparent: I think God made birds. But I’d like to hear a naturalistic explanation for bird evolution that does not amount to “DNA mutation” because right now to me that’s like saying “different proteins started being made”.. that explanation seems lacking right now.

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