It’s a treat for growth.



There is a part of a head of romaine lettuce that is a great Treat… it’s a part I think most people throw away… what a double shame… it’s  the stem..

By now my wife knows to save them for me when she makes a salad… she doesn’t understand why I would eat them… but seriously they taste to be about the best part of the head of lettuce…  Sure… you can also eat the stem of a head of iceberg lettuce…  but who eats iceberg at home? Really iceberg is for a treat while eating out…   The  “gorgonzola iceberg wedge salad”…   here you are willing to pay several dollars for a wedge of lettuce covered in blue cheese crumbles– by another name… would you like bacon with that?

But these treats also bring up thoughts of life and Growth…    whereas your normal run of the mill treat may lead to your personal growth in undesired dimensions…   romaine stems could only lead to healthy nutritious goodness growth.

Proof of that is the magic of life and growth that can be visited in your very own kitchen…  most people think of lettuce as some kind of food thing…inanimate…  but you should note that it is a living food thing…

Forego the eating of the stem, and place it in a glass of water… and you will be treated to the growth of a new romaine lettuce plant…    Something we have to hope they never figure out to bio-engineer out of the plant.. the fact that bought once and almost all eaten up… you can grow another one…  is it endless?

Who has the patience to tread there….   when you can let the farmers grow the romaine and you eat the stems?

And now you’ve also met my trusty duck too… who sits patiently on my kitchen window sill… sometimes observing the occupants… sometimes observing the goings on on the other side of the glass.





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