The Bread Machine Has Died, Long Live the Bread Machine

Well after almost 10 years of nearly daily use, the bread machine broke.

The machine itself still works.. but the bread pan broke.. even if I can get a new one, the cost is about 1/3 the cost of a new machine…

So off to amazon we go.

I like using the bread machine because it just takes less of your time… you just load it up and let it go… in an hour and a half you have dough to make bread or rolls… or if you want… set it to bake a loaf completely…

Fortunately we also have a Kitchen Aide with a dough hook… so we’re still in bread making business until the new machine comes.

Given the cost of a new machine (I forgot what the old one cost) its about 8 dollars a year to have a nice reliable bread machine…

And I’m going to throw a new popcorn popper into the order… that machine just up and quit last week…   That one didn’t last more than about 2 years…   but they only cost about 25 dollars.


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