UV Curable Glue, Thats the Ticket for PLA

For the longest time I only 3D printed in ABS, which is easy to glue, but hard to print.

Well i switched over to PLA, and that is easy to print but seemingly hard to glue.

My standard practice was to use 5 minute epoxy. That glues PLA well, but you have to hold the parts together till the glue sets.

Now i’ve been experimenting with UV curable glue. This seems to work great , but has a few caveats.

First the plus side is it cures almost instantly when you shine uv light on it. Just be sure to wear UV goggles while working with it.

The negative is it’s not going to work on smooth parts. Which might not be such a problem, except for the side of a part that was on the build plate. My build plate is glass, so part bottoms are smooth as glass.

Another issue is the glue has to be visible to the light, so it can’t glue a butt joint where the glue is sandwiched between the parts.

What’s working well is where it makes sense to glue by fillets on the seams between parts.

Time will tell if the joints are stronger than the plastic itself.

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